Blinkit Grofers is an online grocery delivery platform that offers a wide selection of products and services to customers in India. Launched in 2013, the platform aims to make grocery shopping more convenient, affordable, and efficient for consumers. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Blinkit products, services, and features to see how they stack up.

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Blinkit Grofers Products, Services, and Features

One of the standout features of Blinkit is its extensive product selection. The platform offers everything from fresh produce and dairy products to packaged goods, personal care items, and household essentials. Customers can browse through various categories, search for specific products, and add them to their cart with just a few clicks. Blinkit also frequently offers discounts and deals, making it an affordable option for customers looking to save money.

Another noteworthy feature of Blinkit is its user-friendly platform. The website and app are well-designed and easy to navigate, with all the necessary features and tools clearly visible and accessible. Customers can quickly search for products, view their cart, and checkout with minimal hassle. Additionally, Blinkit Grofers provides real-time updates on the status of orders, making it easy for customers to track their deliveries.

Blinkit Grofers also offers a range of delivery options to suit customers’ needs. The platform provides both same-day and next-day delivery services, making it easy for customers to receive their orders quickly. Blinkit Grofers also offers a “Smart Bachat Club” membership program, which provides additional discounts, free deliveries, and other benefits to members. Overall, Blinkit Grofers’ delivery service is reliable and efficient, and most customers are satisfied with the experience.

One of the things that sets Blinkit apart from other online grocery delivery services is its focus on quality. The platform works with trusted vendors and suppliers to ensure that all products are of the highest quality. Additionally, Blinkit has a team of quality control experts who inspect all products before they are shipped to customers. This ensures that customers receive fresh, high-quality products every time they place an order.

Another notable feature of Blinkit Grofers is its commitment to sustainability. The platform has launched several initiatives to reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices. For example, Grofers encourages customers to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags, and it has partnered with recycling companies to ensure that packaging materials are properly disposed of or recycled. Additionally, Blinkit has launched a program called “Go Zero” which aims to make the platform carbon-neutral by 2030.

One area where Grofers could improve is its customer service. While the platform does have a customer service team available to assist with any issues or concerns, some customers have reported difficulty reaching them or receiving timely responses. However, it’s worth noting that these reports are relatively rare, and the vast majority of customers are satisfied with the service they receive.

In conclusion, Blinkit Grofers is a reliable and convenient online grocery delivery platform that offers a wide selection of products and services to customers in India. With its user-friendly platform, focus on quality, commitment to sustainability, and efficient delivery service, Blinkit Grofers is an excellent choice for anyone looking to simplify their grocery shopping experience. While there is room for improvement in its customer service, Grofers remains one of the most popular and trusted online grocery delivery services in India.

Where to find Blinkit Grofers promo codes

Blinkit Grofers frequently offers promo codes and discounts to customers, making it an affordable option for online grocery shopping in India. These codes can be used during the checkout process to apply a discount to the total order amount. Here are some ways to find Grofers promo codes:

  1. Visit the Blinkit website: Grofers frequently posts promo codes and discounts on their homepage, so it’s a good idea to check there first.
  2. Sign up for the newsletter: By signing up for Blinkit’s newsletter, you’ll receive updates on the latest promotions and discounts.
  3. Follow Blinkit Grofers on social media: Grofers regularly posts discounts and promo codes on their social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  4. Use a coupon website: There are several coupon websites that aggregate the latest Blinkit Grofers promo codes and discounts, such as CouponDunia, GrabOn, and CashKaro.
  5. Look for credit card offers: Some credit card companies offer discounts or cashback rewards when using their card to make a purchase on Grofers. Be sure to check with your credit card provider to see if they have any current promotions.

It’s worth noting that promo codes and discounts may have restrictions, such as a minimum order amount or a limited time frame for use. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each offer before using it to ensure that you qualify for the discount. Additionally, promo codes may be subject to change or expiration, so it’s a good idea to use them as soon as possible.

Blinkit customer care number

You can visit the Blinkit website or check the app for contact information, such as an email address or support page. The website may also have a FAQ section that can answer common questions and provide solutions to common issues. Alternatively, you can try reaching out to Blinkit on their social media accounts or through the app store where you downloaded the app.

Blinkit customer care number is 1800 208 8888 (Toll Free).


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